Afternoon Tea and Discussion with Senator Ben Cardin

100 days into the new Trump administration, PAKPAC leaders and members joined Senator Ben Cardin for an afternoon with tea. Senator Cardin (D-MD) is a ranking senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a position previously held by Vice President Joe Biden. He convinced President Obama to visit a masjid, making him the first president ever to do so.

In a vibrant and informative dialogue, Senator Cardin spoke about the need to strengthen our nation’s civil liberties as well as developing better informed policies with Pakistan. Besides speaking on these crucial topics, PAKPAC members had the opportunity to ask about foreign policy, climate change, countering islamophobia, and even about importing Pakistani mangoes.

Want to learn how to develop a strategic and influential relationship with legislators? Learn more about PAKPAC here and why PACs offer an opportunity to bring a unified voice so our issues as Pakistani-Americans are heard and represented in our government.

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